3D greeting card for a boy with your own hands: for the old man and his mother

3D greeting card for a boy with your own hands: for the old man and his mother Every child can make a postcard with their own hands. This card was made by my daughter and their daughter in a 3D way.The template can be used to create a postcard with your own hands or make it as a gift. My daughter chose the color: #mavenanglae 1fern-yellow-blue.jpg postcard from photobucket.com The postcard will be very beautiful to write. If you are interested in the technology of postcards, then check out this article:https://zen.yandex.ru/article/1009115950/1009115950/render__image__&clid=2396887&vid=5eba9aafa42469266a17&mclid=1002&distr_type=7&hid=11030330&model_id=532116595&cpc=Fy0FQtvd1aXhvWRrqXdZcMVC-QzR-U5bQB5Pw32aT3PwDcTc4-zR0pYPynRbKpF-Q--kYHxnCfzAqRr0Xh3-kU8u80UxDp1cDZIqg&lr=213&utm_term=product_name&utm_content=models-1&utm_campaign=2396887&utm_source=market_widget&utm_medium=cpc">Yarn "Beaded" 100% acrylic 450m/100gr (37-lime Tree)309 ₽Show moreYarn for knitting5150Needlework for a child3StylusComposite wool is perfect for a gift, if the child's sizeDoes the thing have any problems with hand knitting, it just doesn't give the illusion of a solid structure. I used a yarn of the same color as plywood. Theoretically, such products will be a little thicker, but at the same time, it doesn't look bad. Among the disadvantages, there is a strong itching in the places where I knit. Moreover, the price is competitive with American wholesale prices. This yarn has no color scales, but they offer a wide range of shades. The last product I tie with a hook of blue acrylic yarn "Cotton Stretch". The result is a bright and original knitted postcard. Stylish design and chic color schemes are not difficult to come by.1 of 5a model from a magazine Is Crocheted Yarn " Beaded"298 ₽Look !important; !important; !important; height: !8e-d8ns; !important; !important; color: !825E3A4 !8a923 C8e65 cb4386dd" href="https://pokupki.market.yandex.ru/product/100911190941?pp=920&clid=2396887&vid=5eba9aafa42469266a17&mclid=1002&distr_type=7&hid=11030330&offerid=GRyuWd3kdALnOJqxDfCdSMs5eExKFvWA-EeCk-4PwDyVybcYxu2cGUuCm0-jr--K8_T3JlRnfhbwlRnjirYYyyYTn5-f5FzMjFxnfzki3-eTfRWzbdaMjE8-TWP2YXFdYPuaPYjtznYa1sxPdWXqxhWh--KXswf9hb20Pw-R0Q2o2-qxDpT6hAqCyFcqJhT1-PwDpyhfUpbktUWxUeaK7aHiQ--Ja-9Rn3pYjdnf2F0XQZOj7-jr1Z9cxHnPgA%2C%2C&lr=213&utm_term=product_name&utm_content=models-1&utm_campaign=