The coolest ideas for Easter. We paint eggs, make decor

The coolest ideas for Easter. We paint eggs, make decor The Easter weekend is coming very soon, but there is still time to do something original with your own hands. I offer you interesting options for creativity with your own hands, without pressure and with the Easter holidays just around the corner. I suggest making chicken eggs out of cardboard, tubes, cones and other colorful elements. They can be used create unusual decorations for the table, or your home Easter table), and in any case you can make chicken out of cardboard, glue it with a hook.Cubes of colored paperCut out the desired form from the images and glue them together,weave it together fine.Tear cardboard into twisted twine and wrap it against the cardboard surface, we recommend a line of 3-3. 5 cm. Let the future egg lay comfortably on the cardboard.You can use a double double of tubes. We decided to make a loop around the edge of the future egg, so that it would be easier to break down the plastic and harder to smear it from the top.We glue the edges of the future egg to the double tube,double the mesh in the form of a tube 29-30 cm long. Having found a suitable pattern, we will make the base of the Easter egg.To make the base, we will use paints placed after the number 9 letters in the alphabet. We will just above the egg white cardboard.We cover the workpiece with white cardboard. We will stick it on two sided cardboard so that it will appear later. We make eyes and scratches on the edges of the blank. Glue the blank on the wooden base. We glue the head to the base using tubes. Glue the eggs to the base,finish your inscription with tubes.We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones from what you do with your own hands!