3 ways to decorate Easter eggs for Easter

3 ways to decorate Easter eggs for Easter Do you want to decorate the Easter eggs for Easter? We suggest ways to decorate them for Easter. We will definitely decorate the eggs for Easter, using different ways to do it. This time my daughter wanted to make a chicken out of plasticine. Plaid chicken with Easter eggs We have already made a chicken out of plasticine a little. It was used for decorating the cage at home. First we used it an Easter tree.photo of the authorNext, we place the chicken on a plastic base. We prepare a plaster base by pouring a glass of water a half hour before painting with chicken spray.photo of the authorNow we make copies of the base and cover it with a clear plastic. We take a newspaper, write on it a picture, and glue it on top, fixing it with hot glue.photo of the authorWe glue the base to the chicken. You can also decorate the edges of the base with a piece of plasticine. For example, the top will be yellowed out of the picture. We take out a piece of yellow plasticine and bend it on the chicken's head, saying: "Put it on the yellow plasticine, and on the chicken here and there." Now you need to decorate the eyes. We cut them out and glue them on. article-image_lazy article-image_lazy-shown article-image_with-border-radius article-render__block article-render__block_image">We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones! article-image_with-border-radius article-render__block_image">